Learning To Play Your Mind
Learning To Play Your Mind
Dheeresh Turnbull
Dheeresh Turnbull

Audio And Audio-Visual Aids For Practice

   Introduction to Chi Gong and Mindful Yoga for the Unyogic, originally a DVD, can now be found on youtube at:  https://youtu.be/24ZBCXNqyMc  Remember, if your body says (at some point in either of these sequences), "Please don't make me do this" then for heaven's sake listen to your body, rather than anything I am suggesting in the video.  The chi gong is based on the exercises I learned from Master Mao Shih An in 1996, and the yoga is based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's tapes from the early MBSR syllabus, with some aikido stretches added. tu.be/24ZBCXNqyMchttps://youtu.be/24ZBCXNqyMchttps://youtu.be/24ZBCXNqyMc

A good way to get back into your body - the first formal practice in the mindfulness course. For some people, the one they stick with and like the best. Find a comfortable place to lie down, a blanket if you need one, and just listen to the instructions.
Bodyscan vers 2.mp3
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Sitting meditation
Based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's original sequence, this leads you into the delights of non-doing... sit upright, on a meditation cushion (zafu) or stool, or an upright chair. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward, so your lower belly (dantien or hara) is expanded. Eyes half open or closed, hands resting on your lap, in heaven-and-earth mudra. Enjoy!
Sitting Meditation 1.mp3
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