Learning To Play Your Mind
Learning To Play Your Mind
Dheeresh Turnbull
Dheeresh Turnbull

About Dheeresh Turnbull

My focus is on helping you to accept and appreciate your life, starting with your body and mind. 


Benefits of working with me at a glance

  • Come to understand better how your mind and body work (from the inside)
  • Deal with Depression by learning how to act in your own best interests (which includes those around you)
  • Deal with Anxiety by learning how to become comfortable with discomfort
  • Develop Compassion for yourself and others
  • Discover that we are not our mind-contents, so we can stand back from our thoughts and feelings
  • Learn to question your own thoughts - and find better alternatives
  • Learn the basics of Zen meditation and chi gong (if you want to)
  • Accept yourself! 


Need more info about me and my services?

Contact me on 0775 8574567 or use our contact form.


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You can reach us on:

0775 8574567


You can also use our contact form.


Dheeresh Turnbull B.A., M.Litt., PGCE, Dip CT, BABCP accredited

a.k.a. Shinkai Sensei




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